Fowler State Bank is committed to providing you sound tools to meet your financial needs.  We sincerely appreciate your confidence in Fowler State Bank, and would encourage you to contact your favorite representative with any questions about our financial products.

Fowler State Bank Employees pitched in a helping hand at the Fowler Theater on the weekend of February 8th-10th.  Volunteers helped by taking tickets, running the concessions, and cleaning up the theater after each show.  Thanks to all who came out, and helped make the weekend an enjoyable success!  Click here to see a slide show from the event.

At Fowler State Bank, we take consumer protection very seriously.  Please be aware that there are many different fraudulent activities that could damage your financial reputation.  In order to help ensure the security of your online transactions, we want you to know that we will never email, call or otherwise ask you for your user name, password or other electronic banking credentials.  You can help protect yourself by implementing alternative risk control processes such as:

  • Making sure you choose an adequate user name and password that, at a minimum  mixes in small case letters, upper case letters, and numbers.
  • Periodically changing your password (e.g., at least every 90 days).
  • Safeguarding your user name and password information.
  • Making sure you have a firewall in place when conducting your financial transactions.
  • Logging off the system when you're done conducting business (don't just close the page or "X" out of the system).
  • Monitoring your account activity on a regular basis.
If at any time you become aware of suspicious account activity, you should immediately contact the authorities, and contact Fowler State Bank at (765)884-1200 or (800)439-3951.

Spring is just around the corner, and it is probably time for a little spring cleaning. While you are cleaning out the cobwebs in the attic and the junk in the garage, maybe it would be beneficial to clean out the cobwebs & clutter in the mind and soul as well. Try these “inner” spring cleaning suggestions: 

  • Turn off the TV.   Concentrate on what’s going on around you.  Read, spend time with family & friends, or just enjoy the quiet.
  • Let go of anger.  Complaining and venting can sometimes make things worse.  Don’t repress your emotions, rather concentrate on constructive responses.
  • De-stress.  Find a time everyday to back away from stress & focus on relaxation and peace.
  • Check your attitude. Ask yourself this one question each day as you get ready to meet the world:  What kind of employee, or parent, or friend, do I plan to be today?

The 2nd annual “A Toast to Agriculture” will be held on Tuesday, March 19th, which also happens to be National Agriculture Day.  

It will be held at the Benton County Country Club in Fowler.  The Appetizer Reception will go from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, with remarks beginning at 7:00 pm.  
Tickets are $10 and are available at Fowler State Bank.

St. Patrick's Day - March 17th – Celebrate your Irish heritage, or help your Irish friends celebrate theirs.  Don't forget to wear green, or you will probably get pinched!

Easter Sunday - March 31st – Easter can fall anywhere between March 22nd and April 25th, and it can fall on 35 possible dates.  The last time it was celebrated on its earliest possible date was in 1818, and it won’t come on that date again until 2285.  Easter won’t come on its latest possible date again until 2038. 

Pi Day - March 14th – celebrate Pi (3.14…) with a slice of your favorite pie!

We appreciate your business and interest in Fowler State Bank.  If there is anything we can do for you, please Contact Us at one of our four convenient offices to speak with your favorite representative.

Again, we appreciate your patronage!


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"Money will never make you happy if you are an unhappy person." – Robert Kiyosaki

"It’s never too late...never too late to start over, never too late to be happy." – Jane Fonda