Fowler State Bank Trust Services
bank The Fowler State Bank Trust Department consists of Anne Molter, Steve Pettet, Linda Brewer, Linda Brouillette, Lori Francis, and Betsy Sanford.   Anne handles the daily administrative details, Linda Brewer is the head of the operations department with Betsy Andrews our newest employee assisting in that area, Lori Francis handles our year-end tax issues, with Linda Brouillette assisting with the self-directed IRA and ROTH IRA accounts; and Steve Pettet our CEO oversees this department.

In three little words you can best describe the Fowler State Bank Trust Department as “Peace of Mind”.

Through our Revocable and Irrevocable Trust accounts, we can help you leave a legacy behind with privacy.  We act as Trustee for people throughout Indiana in these matters; they and their advisers like the fact that we are economical and responsive.

As Executor of your Estate, we abide by the wishes in your Will, with keeping harmony within your family.  We will gather your assets, pay the bills, and ultimately distribute the estate to your beneficiaries.

We help our clients with their everyday bills through our bill payer service called the PRIDE account. Whether you need assistance or someone in your family, we can offer that little bit of help to give you peace of mind.

In addition, we offer self-directed Traditional IRA and ROTH IRA accounts, Coverdell Educational Savings accounts and 529 plans.  We have established a niche for ourselves in the area of self-directed IRA’s and can help you with your first contribution or a roll-over from a Company 401(k) plan.

If you are looking for personal service, the Fowler State Bank Trust Department is were you need to start looking.  Please feel free to contact Anne Molter, at 765-884-1200 or 800-439-3951 to further discuss our services.

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