Credit Cards from Fowler State Bank

Did you know Fowler State Bank issues Visa and MasterCard credit cards?  That’s right . . . our cards are issued directly from the Bank and have been since 1990.

If you’ve been getting played by the big national issuers . . . raising your interest rate . . . lowering your credit limit . . . and charging you fees for obscure reasons, maybe it’s time to give us a call. 

Our programs have fixed interest rates with no annual fee, a 25 day grace period on all new purchases and decisions are made locally.  Our programs don’t have hidden rules and mysterious charges; just a straight forward credit card account.  Our terms are reasonable and do not change every two months.  With our card you’ll have all the same protections you would receive on any Visa or MasterCard account.

If you’ve been frustrated by your card program, and you have good credit, call one of Fowler State Bank's trained credit card specialists (pictured below) at (800) 439-3951 or Visit Our Website to learn more about the Fowler State Bank credit card programs.

Linda Brewer

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