Fowler State Bank is committed to providing you sound tools to meet your financial needs.  We sincerely appreciate your confidence in Fowler State Bank, and would encourage you to contact your favorite representative with any questions about our financial products.

April is Community Banking Month, and Fowler State Bank is encouraging consumers and small business owners to “Go Local” by banking with community banks.  Community banks proudly embody the American spirit of Main Street by lending to local small business owners, helping area families achieve financial stability, and enabling their local economy and community to thrive. 

Fowler State Bank is a community bank leading the way in industry standards with staff members who live in the communities we serve.  We are a full service bank with local roots. We take pride in helping each and every person who comes into our bank.  We have been investing in and empowering our communities for over 80 years, and we don’t plan on changing that commitment.  Please give us a chance to build a partnership while helping you through all the financial stages of your life.  Let Fowler State Bank be your Community Bank & don’t forget to recommend us to your family & friends!

Do you know what the too big to fail theory is?  It is the idea that certain financial institutions are so large and so interconnected that their failure would be disastrous to the economy.  Therefore, they must be supported by the government when they face difficulty.

Click here to see what this might mean for Community Banks such as Fowler State Bank.

On Saturday, March 30th, several volunteers represented Fowler State Bank at the Benton Central FFA Auction.  Traci Davies, Amy Hardebeck, Michelle Huff, Lori Francis, Marie & Dave Rowe, and Janessa Martin all assisted in getting the bidders registered. Click here to see a slide show of the event.

Congratulations to Karen Eberle, who celebrated her 5th anniversary with Fowler State Bank on April 1st.

Thank you for your years of service & dedication!

Fowler State Bank would like to welcome our newest employee, Kelly Cool.  Kelly is presently working in the Accounting Department.  She lives in Kentland with her two children Charlie & Alyssa.

Welcome aboard, Kelly!

In honor of Money Smart Week from April 20-27, here are some money fun facts:

  • When you flip a penny, you have a slightly higher chance of it landing on tails.  The heads side of the coin is heavier and more likely to end up on bottom.
  • 2.5 million pennies would weigh about as much as a tyrannosaurus rex.
  • You could fit 877 billion one-dollar bills inside the Willis Tower in Chicago.

For more information about Money Smart Week visit:

We appreciate your business and interest in Fowler State Bank.  If there is anything we can do for you, please Contact Us at one of our four convenient offices to speak with your favorite representative.

Again, we appreciate your patronage!


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