We Have Money to Loan!!!

At Fowler State Bank, we believe financing should be easy, convenient, and flexible. That's why we offer financing programs to satisfy any need or opportunity you may have.

Maybe you need a new car, a new roof, spring upgrades around the house, a new mower, a vacation, to consolidated credit card debt, or maybe you just need to get your finances in order and you would like to consolidate your debt and have one payment.

Fowler State Bank is here for you and we have money to loan.  Our loan specialists will take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the right financing program for your situation.

Auto Loans
We can help put you behind the wheel with flexible terms and good rates!

Collateral Loans
Use the deposits you have with Fowler State Bank as security for your loans

Single Pay Loans
Need a short term loan? Don't want to interrupt your monthly cash flow with a big purchase? Fowler State Bank can do a single pay loan that will mature when your funds are available (i.e. projected bonus, sale of property, etc.).

Personal Loans
Borrow the money you need, for the things you want, on the strength of your signature.

We are people you can trust and we work in your community and reinvest in your community.  If you have any questions about our products, please stop in one of our offices and talk to a Loan Officer today, Visit our Website, or call an office close to you.

Bring in this email or mention it to your Loan Officer to receive an INTEREST RATE DISCOUNT for all new loans!

Chris Williams-Williamsport Branch
510 State Road 28
(765) 762-5504

Curt Puetz-Kentland Branch
607 E. Lincoln
(219) 474-5444

Jim Remsburg, Rick Mickle, or your Personal Bank Contact at the Fowler Main Office
300 E. 5th St.
(765) 884-1200

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